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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I guess because he is asked more often for autographs, means he's too exhausted to at least make eye contact. Come on, Crisstti. The dude stares at the ground and never says a word to fans. Just watch him next time he's signing to see that he never utters a single word or even looks up.

Anyway, fans to Nadal are merely part of the job. They are an obligation lest he get labeled an a-hole. He could not care less about them, and if he could ditch them altogether he would do it, stat.
Gee, you don't know any of that. Pure speculation.

Being asked more often to sign autographs would definitely make it a more automatic activity, yes. Plus, he might well be more shy.

Plus I have seen pics of him smiling when signing autographs.

EDIT: For that matter, how about the fact he smiled and even hugged that fan who jumped onto the court and kissed him and hugged him in (I believe) the USO (2009?)?.
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