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The first thing I pay attention to is their movement. I obviously don't run them all over the court in warmup but I can pretty much tell what they will move like if have to take 2 or 3 steps to hit balls. I pay attention to if they are left or right handed....and then I watch their groundstrokes. I even find out early as to which shot they prefer to hit. How? I hit it right to them and not to the left or right. I will do this say 3 or 4 times. Most people will move towards the shot they like the most. So that's the shot I try to keep them from hitting at the beginning of the match unless both are absolute terrible shots...then I go to the T everytime with every ground

Originally Posted by dlam View Post
What are the basic things you look for when playing a new player in terms of weakness.
Handle heavy slice or topspin?
mental toughtness?

what seems most importart when sizing the opponent?
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