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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
I'm sure you can because I've been in many doubles matches where I or my partner or the people serving on the other side have called lets as I'm standing right on top of the net. So I'm not surprised. It seems like it would be a little weird though for one to do it in singles.
I often call lets on my own serve in singles. It's just instinct for me to call let as soon as I hear/see it, regardless of whether I'm server or receiver.

Usually when I do it on my serve, the receiver calls it pretty much at the same time as I do. But there have been times where I've heard the let but the receiver did not.

There has never been a dispute that I can remember... calling it early helps; since I usually call it before/as the receiver is making the return, there can be no accusation that I called it only after seeing the opponent make a winning return.
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