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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
But this is only for the top-level available in a given league. So if 5.0 is the top-level available, a 5.0 team can field two 5.5 players, but a 4.5 team cannot field 2 5.0 players. So it won't really muddle things at all in the 3.5 to 4.5 levels.
In most areas, the top-level available for the new 40 and over league is 4.5+, with 2 5.0s allowed on the team. And 40 and over counts towards NTRP AFAIK. So potential for some muddle impact at 4.5, although I don't think it will be significant. No different to 4.5 playing up at 5.0 from a rating calculations perspective.
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