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Originally Posted by ASH1485 View Post
i am a strong 4.5 player and i will be in rome for the ATP event in the beautiful fuoro italico, the hotel i booked has got tennis courts on site and i would like to hit some balls during my stay ( between 15 to 21 May )

Any one ?

Which hotel has courts? In 2010 - my hotel arranged a hit at a local club; but they assumed I belonged to a club and when I arrived they wanted proof.

Everyone should go to the Rome event if possible; great city. And they start playing later than most tournaments so you can do some sightseeing then go get a day's worth of action. Walked up to a public facility - they wanted a ton for an hr hit - ridiculous.

The only negative (at least in 2010 when I was there) - they allowed people to smoke in the crowd.
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