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I don't buy what you said at all. Maybe you are telling the truth as you perceive but it is a mistaken perception.

Strokes can't be the same with different tools. I have the tendency to do a very quick swing so my takeback appears late. That's because I have an "explosive" personality as opposed to steady. 11.3 oz racket works well with this style but I find myself late or unnaturally early in setting thing in motion. It's just not my tempo.

The reason I got this dunlop is try new things and keep things exciting. I know one player who plays very well with a ktour6.1. He's fast and steady, and his style looks very appealing to me.


This dunlop of mine is also 12oz, but 337 sw. I can't play the whipping, heavy topspin style with it. With my apdgt I can spin the ball back 10 different ways and wait for a sitting ball to rip a winner or put pressure back. On other hand it feels like 12oz racket favors a flatter trajectory, pointing ending shot.
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