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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Body language can tell a lot about how someone feels. He does not look like he wants to interact with fans at all.

So now the excuse is he's just far too shy to make eye contact for a split second with fans. Lol. Doesn't stop him from going out and partying in Mallorca. He's not as shy as some folks want to believe.

There are few and far between consider he looks like a miserable sour puss the majority of the time when dealing with fans.

What was he supposed to do? Get in a knock down drag out brawl right there on court and in front of everyone?
Shy people are more reticent to eye contact. He'd be drunk when partying, and with people he knows, hardly the same thing.

You really ask for too much. He always signs autographs, most pro players don't even bother. But that isn't enough, he has to smile and make eye contact, and he has to do it every time?.

He sure didn't have to hug the guy back.
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