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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
his extreme downward aspect is probably a bit much for most players to handle
and even leads him to a few UEs in bad situations too.
Take his across the ball aspect and use that with a less aggressive downward
drive and see if that doesn't fix things..
What I explained about the forehand is worthy of attention here... the more downward you swing, the lower the ball flies. Federer makes contact pretty high when he hits with extreme downward action and people exaggerate it too much when they try to copy him.

As you move the ball up your strike zone, a slice should be hit with a more vertical swing... as the ball get lower, players tend to hit it more horizontally. This is a consistent hypothesis with my previous posts and Id like it to be further researched... but as it happens, hitting more accross the ball, aiming for more side spin enables player to get some lift on low balls. Hitting way downward drives the ball right into the net, so its hard to do like Fed... if you go too far, you get the net.
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