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Default Pilic or Wajda

Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
*Warning: Big first post!

This thread has been inspired by none other than Mats Wilander...

Watching "Game, Set and Mats" on Eurosport (for our friends over the pond it's Eurosports highlights show) and Mats made some "interesting" comments about JMDP's forehand...

"If he hit it properly he could hit it twice as hard, well twice is an exaggeration, but he could hit it much harder with proper technique. It's definitely not the technique you want in the modern game"

So this got me thinking, whilst JMDP's forehand may look a little different how does he fare in the 4 key positions; Preparation, Drive, Impact, Extension/Finish.


Looks good so far, shoulders turned, off arm up and across, racquet hand shoulder high, racquet head above wrist, shoulder turned beyond hip (separation angle).


Still looking good! Buttcap to the ball, elbow externally rotated for stability, hips opening to pull racquet through.


Still looking good! Elbow stability maintained, internally rotated and in front of the plane of the body, head poised, racquet head slightly below wrist. Liking this (especially as this is off a return!)


Pretty text book finish! Good balance, shoulder internal rotation complete, racquet wrapped across, elbow up and away from the body.

So, to summarise - either Mats is way off base or I am missing something!


*Note: This is off a return so I am not looking at footwork etc

Pilic or Wajda are good people to ask (if you can)
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