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Originally Posted by kpktennis View Post
Not quite sure what is meant by connected to this chest? Would this be analogous to the floating/flying elbow on the forehand side?
imagine that your face grows on the back of your head, and your nipples and belly button grows on your back..... now you have turned the 1hbh into a left handed FH..

how would you hit that FH, you'd keep the core rotation going thru the shot, right? you wouldn't stop the core and just let the arm go.

so I am saying in order to windshield wipe that 1hbh, you have to keep the rotation going.... don't worry about 'staying sideways'.

staying sideways goes hand in hand with the old ways of hitting forward... this is a mirror image of the old ways of staying sideways and hitting 5 balls in a row on the classic FH.

if you stay sideways and try to address the ball with the leading edge and windshield wipe, you will flip the face shut and ball ducks in to the net.

FH works the same way.... if you stay sidways and try to hit WW FH, the faces shuts and ball ducks into the net.
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