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Originally Posted by aimr75 View Post
Hey, drak, off topic, but have you discussed tensions ranges for poly's as far as where they perform best with the P1 guys? Came across this, and curious as to your thoughts:

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http:// www. guts and glory tennis. com/blog/forum/stringing-techniques/the-definitive-guide-to-stringing-polys-and-co-polys/
We all came to the obvious conclusion that players will tension strings where they are comfortable. Regardless of type of string. There is no "end all be all" for everyone. Take for instance Federer and Joker. Both use gut mains/poly crosses. Both have multiple slams and reached # 1 in the world. Both string at different tension. Need I say more?

As for GG, he is wrong on so many levels regarding stringing I don't know where to start.
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