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Originally Posted by AlfaAce View Post
SW and Spin potential?!?! Kind of inconsequential compared to modern sticks. Regardless, the "R-22" has a history and reputation all it's own for a reason. So, therefore, every other Yonex racquet ever made will be (and should be) compared to it. If you want "spin" then buy a modern racquet. If you want "history with provenance" (and indeed a great players racquet) buy a R-22.
Thanks for the reply.
Let me first preface my response by some info, have been around tennis for ten years or so because of my sons' involvement with tournaments, squads, etc etc.
Learnt to customise and string racquets , initially to cut down costs, but have taken more of an interest since I myself started playing regularly around 15 months ago. I am 49, but am fit for my age( soccer, cycling, running, surfing, gym work, now tennis).
My sons have cycled through many racquets, and by proxy, so have I.
Light, heavy, large , small, graphite, wood, flexy, stiff. Hit with every racquet my friends play with, bought many, sold many.

Regularly play with Dunlop AG 200 4D Tour.
Tried a Yonex R-22, and it finally felt like I was home. No other way to describe it.
Have a chance to acquire a R-20, but not R-22 at this point. I want a backup, because I want to move to this frame. It has more topspin than my Dunlop( no more long balls), better accuracy, swings faster, and is not as stiff. I shank more with a 100 sq in racquet than I do with the Yonex. I do not know why. My forehand topspin is better, my (slowly improving) 1hbh topspin drive is vastly better than it was on the Dunlop or anyb other racquet.
If there is a modern frame that can perform like the Yonex R-22, I have not hit with it. If there is one with the exact same specs, including RA, then I will check it out.
That is why I am asking the question re R-20.
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