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Originally Posted by AsaHartz View Post
I am a 4.5 who routinely breaks 125mph on my serve and I am lucky to get a couple of games a set on the former college players I hit with. It's all about focus. If the amateur, even a 5.0, is winning games against a pro, it is because the pro is not taking the match as seriously as he would an ordinary pro match.

I have hit with college players and challenger level players, and as someone said before, it is the weight of shots that is what kills amateurs. I am a very big guy, and I have trouble making solid contact with my ground strokes and volleys are a nightmare with their spin. It really makes me appreciate the beauty of the top pros game because I know how hard it is to play like that.
How are you still a 4.5 if you can hit 125MPH serves??? Most guys I know that play in that range would have a lot of difficulty with that! Just teasing of course!

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