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Originally Posted by AlfaAce View Post
Holy crap!!! That's 13.7+ racquets per day x 365 days!!! How is that possible?!?! You must be an octopus .
Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
LOL. I string at a pro shop, at the tennis club I live at, and lots of tourneys. That said, I don't aniticipate doing that many again. I may drop some tourneys this year.
Damn!!! Even given the benefit of the doubt at 25 min/racquet that's 5.7+ hours of stringing per day 365 days/year!!! I hope you get P-A-I-D!!!!! (and hopefully get to eat, breathe, and play a few sets)!!! (and I want to know all you secrets ). The force is definitely with you!!!
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