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^ I'm often inclined to ignore a barely perceptible "net" serve if no one else says anything. I've actually been conditioned to play serves that hit the net from playing a whole lot of badminton. Serves that hit the net and land in the proper service area are considered to be a point for the serving team in badminton (since a point is over when the shuttle hits the ground).

Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
My guess would be that for rec league players there aren't enough aces being hit, which were in turn being invalidated by bogus let calls, to make it an issue. Also the jobs of college tennis coaches to some extent depend on the outcomes of their player's matches which is potentially a source of motivation to have their players cheat by using bogus let calls.

I would like to see service lets played at the rec level if only to speed up the game.
I'm also inclined to play "net" serves to maintain the flow of the game. However, the problem with serves that hit the net is that they will trickle over the net much more often in rec play than in Div 1 men's tennis. It seems fundamentally wrong for a server to be rewarded for hitting the net in such a manner.

Badminton has a short service line. If the shuttle hits the net and lands short of that line, the server loses the serve. If the shuttle hits the line or land in the box (past the short serve line), it is a point for the server.

One possibility for tennis is to include short service lines on tennis courts and not play lets for balls that hit the net. Doubt that this idea will ever be implemented tho'.
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