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Default Volkl question for Chris Edwards

Ok, my PB9s are great, IF I am really, really playing well.

If I'm not, the microscopic sweetspot combines with a lack of mass to see me struggle. This is only made worse if I am also pushed wide where I get no help at all from the sticks unless I get it right. in. the. middle..

All the lead tape in the world isn't going to make the sweetspot any larger...

However, I love everything else about the frames, especially the comfort factor. (I had Head Speeds and had arm problems..)

So, (there is a question, and here it comes ), PB10 mid, Organix 10 mid or (an outsider, but help me out here) Organix 10 325??

I like the sound of the X10 mid, but I am very tempted by the PB10 mid while they are still around.

I just want a bigger sweetspot and maybe a bit more pop while keeping the low swingweight, open pattern and arm friendly feel.

I have played with smaller heads before and that isn't really an issue for me, nor is the weight (well, up to around 12oz, anyway)

Oh, my game is VERY similar to yours, Chris...

(stick to Volkls, I don't want to hear the phrase "Blade 93"!)
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