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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
All your points are good, but it's mainly because imo, once you get a Fh into the low
100's it takes a major improvement to show a mere 3-5 mph.
So Delpo could make some pretty significant changes to the better and only get 3 mph
and 300 rpms out of it. But then, that may be the difference of being 2" inside the line,
instead of 2 " outside that line on break pt.... or not.

What it comes to for me is "Aggregation of Marginal Gains" on this. To me this
is an excellent example, but for nothing, because he is not going to change
We can all hit the ball hard, but who can get it in the court with the right level of
aggression? Who can get better?
Those flatter, harder hit balls bounce differently than ones with more spin. Spin can definitely mess with your opponent, but so can the lack of it if you have that kind of pace.

As you point out though the problem is keeping it in (and over the net). Most people can't do it consistently enough without the extra topspin that modern stroke can give you. DP must be doing OK with it. Personally I need the spin. And tonight even that didn't help ?.
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