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Wilander's forehand has more shape to it. Delpo's is flatter. Both styles work. Wilander rarely missed and ground people down and set up points well. Del Potro can hit relatively flat laser winners at any time. Both styles work.

Wilander tends to exaggerate when making his points. This is the same Mats Wilander that said Federer has no balls, after Federer had a tough loss at the French Open. Wilander is fan of purple prose.

When Delpo first came onto the tour he had a more western grip and more "modern" looking forehand. He didn't win any majors with that forehand. He won the US open after he had switched to his flatter forehand style. He's doing fine with his style.

I like seeing variety in the game.

Can anyone post footage of his old western grip forehand. I'm not having luck finding any on youtube. Does anyone know why he changed grips, and when he did? I'm trying to think of other pros who have radically changed their form like that, and I can't really think of any.

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