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Originally Posted by oldschoolrules View Post
AYone - I apologize for the delay in responding - I'm having trouble with the log in for some reason. I actually find that I have better control and feel with the apdgt at that tension with those types of string. I have always preferred the feel of a tighter string bed and have, since I started playing back in the wood racquet days, decided how high to go based on head size as opposed to frame stiffness. My rule of thumb (ymmv) when trying a new racquet is to initially string mids at 65, mid plusses at 70, and oversize frames at 75, usually with "standard" synthetic gut like Prince, Gamma or Babolat, and work up or down from there. But I also select what string to use based on how flexible the frame is, i.e. softer string in stiffer frame. However, if I were to try a stiffer string (like ALU, for example) in something as stiff as the apdgt, I would start lower to get the same overall feel and, hopefully, level of control.
Pretty much the tensions and strings everyone used to use in the 80's. I can't understand how anyone can control a 100sqin racket with gut around 50 lbs. Poly is a different deal, of course.
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