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Originally Posted by Duncan Bell View Post
Ivanović went into full on meltdown "Chairman Of 'What's Wrong With Her?!' Empire" in the second set against Chang and got breadsticked.

Then she started the final set nicely, 4-1 up.

Now she's missing the tramlines with every shot, and moonballing Chang's junior-level serve (I think I saw the speedclock show negative)

What's wrong with her?!?!?

She's managed to take the final set. Well done Ana. Jankovic next.
I didn't manage to watch this match, but seems very typical of Ana. Her biggest problem is between the ears, which is what this thread is about I guess. Winning a slam was perhaps both the best and worst thing that happened to her career.

I still think she can pull it together eventually, though maybe not in this tournament.
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