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Hi guys...

just some feedback:

So i ended up buying both pairs of adidas....the B7's as well as the green RG ones...forgot the model name...
The green RG ones i will wear for leasure until my B7's are worn, and then the RG ones will replace my B7's. The RG shoes are comfortable and good toe protection, but fine considering the price.

I first tried on the CB4.3's....very comfortable...just a tad "warm" - felt like a comfortable thermal sock dipped in rubber. I then tried on the Vapors...most comfortable fit i've EVER had with shoes. I would consider these for I almost believe its worth it if one can afford it. (and i dislike nike, but i cannot deny what they did with this shoe)
However, due to durability issues by so many people, I did not want to risk spending so much to get them. Even though they had the best fit ever, the sole felt thin or as if the absorption hitting the court would not be as good, even though I believe it could simply be fixed using good sole inserts.

The B7's instantly felt more comfortable than the B6's. Not as comfortable as either the nike shoes, but comfortable enough. Ended up buying them.
After a few sessions on court, both my big toes had blisters from some movement - was quite painful in the beginning...went away after a couple of sessions as well as using some plaster etc. Shoes needed no break in time whatsoever.
What dissapoints me the most though, is that the so called durable toe guard (according to some reviews) is not as durable as expected. In fact, its the first part where i could see wear...MUCH faster than on the B6's. Not convinced that it was due to playing more this time around either. I will need to take some steps soon, or these shoes will be worn out in less than 3 months in that area.

Shoe goo the only option I can think of now...
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