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Lets put this in perspective here. If he was using PEDs he was probably using EPO to increase his red blood cell count, low does testosterone to recover from workouts more quickly and maybe an amphetamine on race days( If he could find one that was undetectable) none of this is dangerous, in fact he probably never moved himself out of the range of physiologically normal. The benefits of EPO can be gained naturally by training at altitude, the normal range for testosterone ranges from a pitiful 241 ng/dl to a hyper masculine 1100 the recovery difference between those 2 levels would be huge, amphetamine salts are used every day by hundreds of ADD sufferers to increase concentration. None of this is dangerous, no one was trying to "help" him by reporting his PED use. And cycling is a heavily drugged sport, if you are not willing to do these drugs it will be very hard to compete at the top levels. They caught a high number of amateur age group cyclists last year using EPO and testosterone, these are guys who can't win any money. We need to get away from prosecuting what is "fair" and instead prosecute what is safe.
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