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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Not that I am speaking for Jakey, but I assume by "the natural way" he is meaning teaching by process of "guided discovery" rather than simply " "let" students do what ever feels "natural" "

Guided discovery is a much less dictatorial way of the student arriving in the same place, but it could be described as a more natural process for the student (obviously you know all this Dave!)

Is that what you're meaning Jakey?
Well, of course that is what is meant here Ash, as he references Oscar's style
of learning it.

The problem is that you have the reg. posters commenting on it above that either, do
not understand how the term is used, or choose to ignore the consistent explanations
for it. Of course there is a natural path to learning and discovery,
which is evident everyday in our lives, along with advanced classroom/programs.
There are also natural ways our body can and does move more efficiently.
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