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Originally Posted by acmorganti View Post
Hi TennisCJC,

You customized your o10 295 to 12.1oz and 335 sw. So, why did you prefer to customize the o10 295 stead of to use regular o10?
I am asking this because I saw other colleagues in this forum doing the same, customizing o295 and not using o10 regular.

Thank you
Best regards
I went with the o10 295 instead of the 325 because the static weight on the 325 is too high for its stock swing weight. I end up with 12.1 oz racket with a SW of 335 using the o10 295. To get to SW 335 with the o10 325 would have resulted in a 12.5+++ oz static weight. I wanted a moderate static weight with SW around 335. Good luck with your racket search.
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