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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
How do you add in the properties of a string?
In the instructions, it tells you how to calculate a custom string factor. I'm more interested in tension loss than actual tension so I don't bother with this. I've got a calibrator to make sure the reference tension is OK.

Originally Posted by corbind View Post
You used it? Seems quite interesting.
I've used it quite a bit. My current and previous round of multi testing all have the data included with the reviews. Sometimes I forget to test a string off the stringer or a string breaks before I get a 2nd reading.

Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
I have used it for quite some time to check the consistency of my stringing and to track the tension history of my string beds after play. It is a very very good app that provides valuable information regarding string tension and related performance.
If you are always using the same string, it is great for checking consistency.
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