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Originally Posted by canny View Post
Also I was wondering Smasher or anyone else for that matter have you had any luck with focus hex as a cross? Playing with a full bed of that stuff was my go to poly for awhile and im wondering if the new soft version (18g) with better pocketing and tension mantience would be a better cross than the co-focus.
I once tried FH in a poly-syngut hybrid and liked it for a while, but never used it as a cross for gut mains. IIRC the only poster I've read who's done that is TimothyO who I think swore by it for a while. In theory you should get a little more spin but at the expense of your longevity because its shaping means it has edges that will act like a saw. If you're interested in.going that route you might want to get a set of heptatwist too and compare all three!
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