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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I am into alternative and holistic medicine, and have seen both the good and bad sides. In many cases, the alternative "natural" treatment has no scientific basis. It just promises a lower cost "easy" alternative to the conventional medicine, delivered together with a rant against big pharmas and their world domination. And sometimes it works. Maybe it acted like a placebo, maybe the conventional medicine which was stopped was still in the blood stream, maybe it just went away by chance. There have been many cases in which people have been fooled for years by natural medicine before rushing to a doctor in an emergency situation. People always want an alternative to learning the details - the just want to be told to get in touch with their inner energy and everything will be good. They are told that good health and "balance" is the "natural" state of all living bodies (while ignoring the fact that animals in the wild suffer from all the diseases we do).
(But many natural medicines work very well too.)
and to go with what imo is a very poor analogy, big pharmas often end with
a plethora of nasty side effects that end a patient's life before the disease, and
even end up with things like Newtown and Columbine .
I don't buy into this analogy and it shows how poorly understood the term
natural is expressed or used in this context by the poster.
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