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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I am amatuer customizer doing my own rackets for about 6+ years.

I don't inject weight into the butt capp opening. Instead I remove all grips and add lead tape to the pallet under the grips. You can wrap it around the grip or apply strips parallel to the grip. Adding lower - just above where the butt capp ends - will shift balance more toward HL than adding at 7" from butt. Remove ALL grips including the overgrip and the original grip and apply the strips directly to the pallet. You can actually experiment by adding the tape over the grip and beneath the overgrip to experiment to see how the handle weight works with the head tape you have added. But once you have it right, take off all grips and apply it to the pallet and re-grip.

It will take approximately 4 grams on the handle to move 1 point HL. Moving from 3 HH balance to 6 HL will take roughly 36 grams. That's a lot and you might want to use silocone instead. Or, target 4 HL instead of 6 HL.

Adding handle weight does nearly nothing for stability or power. Head weight adds stability and power.

I suggest you get the SW up to around 320 g or a bit more, and balance 4 HL to assist with elbow pain.

The racquet has 324 sw in stockform,despite the low static weight,so it could work with just adding up counterweight ?
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