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Originally Posted by markzolotoy View Post
YMy hitting partner is saying that I have to be prepared by having the racket behind. But sometimes it feels when a ball is flying slower or shorter I am too early with that. Is there a good video that would show a proper preparation for a forehand?
Hard to see without video, but I don't agree you need the racket actually behind
early like your friend is saying
. That will adversely affect your timing.
Below is vid showing where the racket with both hands is in front of the back
shoulder right prior to the ball hitting for the bounce, so that the hands can
separate, with the off hand getting full stretch across and racket FULL back
at the bounce.

Some of the guys in the vid don't keep the off hand on the racket as long
and I realize you can't see the bounce in most, but I liked Murray's position
at 54 secs, which is just prior to the ball hitting the ground for the bounce.
This is good vid per your request.
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