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The other top players like sampras had been playing it for years, not sure why the addition of agassi made it a much bigger and better event.
re-read post #6.

1995 is important cause tournament gave, for the first time, same points as other 3 Majors
I've been telling you that fact for years & you just seem to ignore it every time the AO is discussed, which is strange since you seem obsessed with 'points' when dealing with the importance of current events(Olympics, WTF, etc)

do you really think the 1st year the ATP awarded equal points to the AO is insignificant in determining its importance?

Yes, the tournament was big in, say, 1990. But not nearly as big as it is today(check how many top 30/50/100 players didn't play it that year, that sort of attendance would be unthinkable today. its not all about the top 4 or 5players. And I believe the attendance of the top 50 was better in '95 than '90 as well)

and in '83/'84 top players were being paid appearance fees to play. again, it was a big event then but not nearly on the same level of the other 3 majors.
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