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Default F/S : Angell TC95, 4 3/8" grip

This Angell TC95 custom racquet was built to the following specs:

grip size : 4 3/8"
grip type: B
grip mtrl: Black leather
Head size: 95"
String ptrn: 18 x 20
Rkt lgth: 27"
Rkt wght: 320g (11.4oz) unstrung
Rkt flex: 63 RA
Rkt bal : 10 pts HL unstrung
Grommet: Black

Racquet is strung with Ashaway Dynamite Soft 17 mains/Babolat Nvy crosses
at 48/52 - strung and with overgrip and dampener the actual weight is 12.0oz.........

Condition is 9/10 ; price : $125.00/ shipped CONUSA (PayPal preferred)

Photos available from :
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