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Originally Posted by PSNELKE View Post
Lol they glorify him after a lucky 5 set victory against Somdev Devvarman??
Calling him better than Berdych and JMDP??

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Yeah, I'm used to TT being nothing more than a bunch of clueless fanboys but this is just too much. I'm also starting to become a fan of JJ. But he's not better than his ranking indicates at the moment. Better than Berdych and Del Potro? Are you people stupid? Do Berdych and Del Potro almost lose to Devvarman? Del Potro just slaughtered his opponent yesterday, haven't seen Janowizc do that yet. I don't even know if he'll ever be as good those two, but he certainly isn't now. You've got to understand he has an everything or nothing style of play, usually not the kind of style you see at the top, for obvious reasons.
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