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Default Getting out of the doldrums

I play a variety of sports in the winter, like volleyball, hockey and tennis. I play volleyball on Tuesday nights and then doubles tennis on Thursday and Sunday men's league with an occasional USTA match on the weekends.

Lately, I have felt like nothing is going right. I haven't won a single USTA match in this winter season and I have moved down to the lowest court in league play after being as high as the second court, which has very high 3.5 players or fringe 4.0's. I don't want to sound like a jerk and no disrespect is intended, but I look at the players I am with on the lowest court and rhetorically wonder how I got there. My volleyball team is listless and doesn't seem to care so we are losing at that too.

The result of this is that I get very frustrated at tennis. I never used to get down mentally, but if I make an unforced error on a groundstroke or frame a volley I really get down on myself and that is pretty uncharacteristic. I haven't been playing as well as I know I can but I also realize that moving down at league can be attributed to factors out of my control, i.e. players not doing well in the set they play with me. (we rotate players for three sets and the lowest game winner moves down a court the next week)

I don't know if I should take a step back from all sports for a few weeks and get away from it or figure out some way to regain focus and confidence right now so I can get back on track. Losing itself doesn't bother me, but it's the way I have been losing, i.e. letting people back in matches we were in control of.

My bad mood is carrying over into all rec sports I play and playing well seems to be more of a surprise than an expectation lately.
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