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Originally Posted by KBTour View Post
It looks like a whole bunch of entrants have the same issue, in which everyone towards the bottom of the standings has 0 points. While I was making my picks, I clicked "save" once I was done and then I got a message saying I was signed out after 20 minutes. So even though the system told me my picks saved, they never did actually. It's unfortunate for us whose picks never "saved," but I guess lesson learned for the next Slam.

As far as the site goes, the older one was far superior, with What-Ifs and such. At least that one didn't auto-log off after 20 minutes.

Would also like to thank Tennis Warehouse for giving us all this opportunity at each Major.
Yeah, it seemed like they tried to break it apart to make it seem like it's taking you less time, but that's really all they did. Instead of you having to scroll down for all 64 first round matches, they just broke them into like 8 sections of 8 matches, but I'm like what's the difference? If you scroll down to make 64 match predictions for the first round or scroll through 8 pages of 8 picks per page... Same difference right?

Yeah Thanks to TW for running this again!

I also had a question about the prize. I was thinking about this the other day, actually. I was wondering if say someone wins, and they already have enough rackets, can they opt for like apparrel instead? Like, just use the same amount of dollars the racket they would have picked costs and then apply it to other items like apparel? Just wondering if winners could do that. I figure some of us might get more use out of like apparel instead of another racket.
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