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Originally Posted by edmondsm View Post
Nadal basically got his USO the same way Fed got his FO. Just hang in there long enough until the perennial champ finally falters. The difference being Federer was actually the 2nd best clay player since 2005. You can't say the same for Nadal on hardcourts.....and Federer's draw at the 09' FO was not cupcake at all.
You are mostly right although one could also argue that the 'harder draw' for Federer is nullified by the fact that Fed scraped through RG 09 while Nadal cruised through USO 2010.

Also Nadal reached the finals of AO 2012 and USO 2011 so it must be said that it's not that USO 2010 was the only time Nadal made a HC slam final. In fact one could argue that based on slams, since 2005, Nadal has been at least the 3rd best HC player .
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