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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Coaching Mastery is absolutely correct of course, that there is a set of physical fundamentals of optimal tennis stroke mechanics. No serious person will argue this. But I don't think that the OP necessarily disputes this fact.

The OP seems to be saying that different players will arrive at these fundamentals through different paths. The two most obvious would be to systematically deal with each detail and build them up to the final package and the other is to look at the final package and "figure out" the details after the fact.

Either can work, given the right pupil. I (and I believe Coaching Mastery has admitted in previous threads, that he too is an example) learned tennis by close observation of optimal play and mimicking it, without the input of instruction on every detail of what I was observing.
OP's claim is that "natural" method is basically the same as "Wegner" method.

Every coach teaches feel and intuition, along with the bread and butter of fundamentals. I have heard coaches cry: can you feel the grazing on the second serve? Do you hear a swish?

Incorporating feel and natural movement is done by everyone. To say that is basically attributable to one person is completely wrong. That is why I said before that OP should find out which pros actually came out coached by method 1.
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