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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
There is no "natural" way of learning. Can you name one pro playing today who followed the natural way of learning?

Right from holding the racket (the correct grip for different strokes), tennis needs to be learnt through its details. Ask someone who doesn't play tennis to show you how the pros serve. They will never use the continental grip and bring the racket edgeways.

Putting the outside foot first, being sideways on the serve, leading with the edge, using the correct grip, using topspin rather than hitting up with open face, split-stepping - everything is taught to most people or they learn on their own indirectly, but using the material other people have learnt from. Seldom does anyone come up with any of this on his/her own "naturally."

The correct way of learning tennis which is followed by all proven pros and juniors and college players is to learn the technical fundamentals correctly. Then they can improvise and innovate on their own, and sometimes those become the material of the next "textbooks."

High-speed video helps to observe the strokes in slow motion and facilitates learning, removing myths which may have been floating around. Even plain old Tennis Channel is good.
For you.... No one taught me to hit a one-handed backhand, then poof...shocked everyone out of day just feeling it...iz like that for some. Never read a book in my life, practically...yet no need to invent "tricks...," purely guided by whatever "feel." One million times, like LIGHT and GUTTER, know your type. Just like the way you go, if it works for you. Fine, logical, cioncrete, working your way up to the mountain top. If it works for you, that's great!. Analytical types, see it as this way, but there are those for whom too much this and that, this and that, this and that, just *destroys* you, can literally. You'll always be kickin' and screamin' inside if someon makes you think/ feel, whatever say different from how you really wanna process.... Worse advice I ever received? Act, be more normal, act, be more normal, just to get in. DON'T maximize MY potential, conform to the "eastablished," "right" way...when every leap in me, is from/through resist. It's like thos who tell Dwight Howard to knock off his smile, can't stand people like that, something is wrong with people like that...oh, yeah, sure and watch Ben Henderson whoop that tail, bcs. he LOVES himself.

Be people want to hear it different, Venus delightfully squals..."Ice-crreamm!" cone on how she remebers, that foregone cue, on how to tip that ball up to surf on serve immaculate. Just is what it is. Give it to, how *satisfies.* If you're not satisifed, you won't even bother unless shotgun taped to forehead. High-speed analysis into oblivion...fine. But that's because it's within your OWN natural impulse to do so. Maximize what makes YOU tick, and wala...endless video analysis might be well-serve, then go hit, and "work" it out. Or opposite, for me, it's in my emotions, more so. If my emotions in check, the rest will move from dangle to in-tow. We all access, evidents of shared humanity in us all, but what you prioritize, what you want to? What you give favor to? Dan just find your right way, it's not all or why way. You may think high-slow analysis is very natural progression, think many adults is unnatural, stupiz to think that way natural...but what point. I trust that if u was on life's death kneel, u'd want to go out thinking your way was everyone's best...and that's only natural. Hey, how 'bout that yummy chicken salad? Only one way to try and make it sound, feel more yummy, appealing, appetizing...or, get more buff over time? Which is it? It don't matter. But more important to some, if you can't keep that impulse-instinct alive...the deligh in the real Hawaain Irish Korean American Ken is out...kinda feeling. U know? What'z the point, if the debate keeps your motor likc ticking, how much u learn? MUCH. Why? Bcs. you naturally seek more knowledge, you still around for more, improving...the wheel is still moving, whether by feel, rewind, or whatever...'cause I don't care nothin' bout tennis lately that I give a care...then, what's the point? Oink-oink...but maybe I should. When it was fun, if it's not fun to derive to arrive, or arrive to derive for others. Don't matter, we're just occupying time. Whatever engages, and keeps you along for the ride. Best chance, or perish in smoke of naivette'. And yet, still I can sense there has been a remarkable progression in you, for you have grown. Where others don't see it, I see it in droves. Usually our points and directives and personalities remain the same, the boundaries in our reframe merely grows slightly more tolerant, appreciative. Whatever works for you, is good, continue, disseminate, not exterminate. Everything is of potential use. it only takes a needle in a hy stack, Too much anlaysis, and you can miss the moment. Too little, and not see. It's not a matter of betterer, but how you want to hear it. Anaylsis is in the soul of some, fleeting flirt temptations in the eyes of another, whatever, ghetto, it iz, what is, make your fish mignon tonight. Havn't life or death time for, time to calamitiously get back on track, peace out preserve soul's welfare....oh, look, nothing, love thy OscarYandellyam...and in other knews, if Zelena didn't have a zit, she'd be pretty, whatever works for you on a steady diet of iced tea. If your hear'ts no in the game to analyze, it's just not. Motivation. Humans are smarter than you might think. Give them enough credit for, and they begin to seek, in a way that feels "natural" to. Before Agassi learned to think too much, he learned to kill...but then, he had to learn how to stop and held breathless for awhile. Without calamity, no sense of broken worthiness... Improve, without declare? But why? Tha'ts crazzy, fiendish, and stupiz, sayz Austin Powers. I used to think Elizabeth Hurley was most beuatiful eva, for a spell, but *clearly* I was wrong. She's still a salt lamp though, dan cutey! And, Leah Remini too! Only slightly less so. The really important things in life. Whatever makes you want to play tennis more. Just remember, how lucky you iz to still be able to *play.* Without that zest, it'd merely be obligation, a gremlin kicking and screaming inside ton o' dynohhhhmite. It only takes one to turn a tired new leaf, in here. If u didn't know studs w. guns (Jan Michael Gambill) could play two-handed, bubblegum savanta,s would probalby lthink , no way izx not possizble, I'll kick him in da rear, for riding htat wave almost to the top, iszn't ther a group called the Zitfree boys with your name on it? Dud, can't do that, don't do that, I thought you had to have the soul of Monica Seles to get away with like that. And, in other news, saw the ticky competitiveness mannerisms of John Mac vs. Chang theo other day, but they looked the same, even if chang, being Asian and all, be the better dancer. All those years of training ballet on the great ball, only in his imagination, have really paid off...phsyio people have a name for training that blaance thingermuachig of brain for balance with eyes closed, but no so what iz, 'm not a sloppy-then-razor refermagnum,idon't knowhow tohink anymore,izincredbile how tireing iz totink, lik that. U lucky, go incredo just hit yeay!.
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