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I think Djokovic is just a very very consistent player. I can't really recall when he has given an amazing performance or a crap performance. He just comes into each match, moves very well, has a good serve (since he dumped Todd Martin), good strokes on both wings, good return, defends great, and can finish a point when he needs to. He tends to lose to the most talented players who can outplay him on a given day. That, I guess is how I would describe him. What you see is what you get. There's always a chance that an opponent brings their A+ game and can beat him. Djoker is not the kind of player who will then raise his game to another level. He just always plays at a consistent high level. So for example, a talented player like Tomic can show up, play his A+ game, and outclass Djokovic. In contrast, if the same player showed up against Fed, Fed is more likely to be able employ his more versatile talents and neutralize his opponents big game that day. Fed's weakness, as a previous poster said, is his vulnerability to the very best, most consistent defenders who also have the ability to attack when needed. Of late you also see him lose occasionally to big hitters but I see this as a function of his age.
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