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I agree that Dunlop does make good quality rackets. This new frame geometry really changes the line though and those looking for that classic dunlop ball feel and dwell time will wonder at first what happened. My initial reaction was while I felt that the arm protection was outstanding, I didn't like the feel. I also always enjoyed the more oval shaped frame (for my game) so I wasn't sold on the new head shape although the need to lead tape for upper hoop stability appeared to be gone with the new F3.0 tour. Back out came my old biomimetics.

As I started to play more with the F3.0 I started to pay less attention to "feel" and more to what the ball I hit was doing. Shots were heavier with more spin and more action AFTER the ball bounced! Opponents started to tell me that they felt I played better with the F3.0 tour. After 4 weeks of back and forth I permanently switched to the new line and probably should have done so sooner!

For long time Dunlop players I suggest giving the new models some time to evaluate, and look at what your ball does - not just how the new frame feels in your hand compared to older models.
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