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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
More like the difference is Nadal on hard courts always had a fighting chance vs anyone, including Federer, and happened to capatilize on one of his 3 very good chances to win the event- 2008, 2010, 2011, and would have defended in 2011 if a certain player didnt happen to hit his all time peak that very year. While Federer has one player he had no chance in hell of ever beating at RG, and was able to capatilize on the year he didnt have to face him, his one and only ever chance ever of winning RG and he eked it out after surviving a number of scares.

Federer's draw at the 2009 French was quite easy btw, even easier than Nadal's at the 2010 U.S Open. Atleast Djokovic in a slam final on hard courts is way better than anyone Federer faced at the 2009 French, which alone makes his draw tougher even if the rest is roughly the same. Soderling while he was playing very well that event, will never be a tough opponent in a slam final, like the other second tier players of this era doesnt have a champions mentality at all; Del Potro the hard court specialist on clay, and who even at his peak was generally below the caliber of players people like even Djokovic 1.0 version were, an old Haas on his worst surface, journeyman clay court specialist Acasuso, etc...
Sorry but, no. More like Nadal had the ability to LOSE to anyone on hardcourts for many years while barely gutting out wins. Just look at his record. Losses to Blake, Youzney, Ferrer at the USO. He was just finally able to survive enough abuse on his body to claim a couple hardcourt slams.

All the while Federer was making every FO final. And his 2009 there was certainly tough, having to get through Monfils, Delpo, and then Soderling who took out Nadal and ended up making the final again.

Nadal's form was great at the 2011 USO, but his draw was incredibly lucky. Getting Novak after he had played a 5 setter with Fed along with a 5 setter early in the tourney was the icing on the cake.
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