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1. Does he/she have up-to-date fashionwear?
2. Are they wearing neon colored shoes?
3. Are they carrying a 6 racquet bag or larger?
4. Does the racquet bag name match the racquets they use?
5. Do they wear a hat indoors?
6. Do they wear sunglasses indoors?
7. Do they go through extensive stretching motions by the net as you are waiting for them to get their butt on the court to start warm-up?
8. During warm-up are they blasting balls at top speed all over the court so you can't or choose not to chase after their shots?
9. During warm-up when you come to the net for some volleys, do they suddenly lose total control of their shots and you maybe get one decent ball to volley and the rest are over your head or into the net?
10. Are they difficult to deal with during simple introductions?
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