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Originally Posted by edmondsm View Post
Sorry but, no. More like Nadal had the ability to LOSE to anyone on hardcourts for many years while barely gutting out wins. Just look at his record. Losses to Blake, Youzney, Ferrer at the USO. He was just finally able to survive enough abuse on his body to claim a couple hardcourt slams.
This is a gross exaggeration. Since 2006, here's who Nadal has lost to at hard court slams:

Del potro

Yes he is more vulnerable on hard courts than Federer is on clay but its hardly the case that he is vulnerable to anyone and everyone. He consistently makes the quarters or semis of every HC slam and post 2009 has made the finals/won in 4 of 7 HC slam attempts.
Originally Posted by edmondsm View Post

Nadal's form was great at the 2011 USO, but his draw was incredibly lucky. Getting Novak after he had played a 5 setter with Fed along with a 5 setter early in the tourney was the icing on the cake.
At the end of the day people are measured by their accomplishments. And on accomplishments Djokovic+ Murray+ Post prime Fed is far greater competition than Hewitt+Safin+Nalbo +Baggy. Not to mention that it's much easier to win a slam final against a first time slam finalist vs a player who has been in multiple slam finals. You can argue subjectively that Soderling was red hot blah blah but at the end of the day Djokovic >>>>>>>>>>>Soderling. Unless you're into this 1.0/2.0 business but last I checked on the ATP website, there was only one record for Djokovic. Side note - In this regard Murray has always had the worst end of the deal, having to face multi-slam winners in all his finals.

Look we can stop being hypocritical and say each player benefited from an opportunity that they deserved in form or another, or we can nitpick at who had an easier draws until the night is long.

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