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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
There is no "natural" way of learning. Can you name one pro playing today who followed the natural way of learning?

Right from holding the racket (the correct grip for different strokes), tennis needs to be learnt through its details. Ask someone who doesn't play tennis to show you how the pros serve. They will never use the continental grip and bring the racket edgeways.

Putting the outside foot first, being sideways on the serve, leading with the edge, using the correct grip, using topspin rather than hitting up with open face, split-stepping - everything is taught to most people or they learn on their own indirectly, but using the material other people have learnt from. Seldom does anyone come up with any of this on his/her own "naturally."

The correct way of learning tennis which is followed by all proven pros and juniors and college players is to learn the technical fundamentals correctly. Then they can improvise and innovate on their own, and sometimes those become the material of the next "textbooks."

High-speed video helps to observe the strokes in slow motion and facilitates learning, removing myths which may have been floating around. Even plain old Tennis Channel is good.
you really think telling a beginner 100 different instructions is a good teaching method. that is way to complicated to learn quickly

by natural way, i mean teaching the most basic fundamentals of tennis, which is watching the ball, tracking the ball, and running to the ball naturally.

if you want to see how simple tennis can be taught, watch these videos

i've seen so many players with good mechanics/technique that look like fools on a tennis court because they dont watch the ball well or track the ball well
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