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Default New Pro one user

Count me in. I demoed Pro one some 6 months back but ended up going with Rad pro. After battling with Radpro for a month of two I went back to my trusted Gold 99. I recently got a pro one from TW sales section and then stung with BHBR17 at 52. Played 3 sets so far. Game is getting adapted to this new stick.

My only complaint so far is this racquet feels so great in hand (with leather grip) that I want to kill the ball every time I strike it. Resulting in some arm pain due to usage. More of a usability issue.

This is the best feeling racquet in had that I have ever held. It feels so solid but swings so easy. Also not much vibration.
Donay Gold 99 with Tourna Bighitter blue 16g.
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