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Originally Posted by volleyandfun View Post
Ryan Harrison is ranked 62 and he like JJ started in 2007. JJ aside from his composure is not an average ball basher, he is all around player, he has every shot in the book to his disposal, just happen to have extraordinary f/h and b/h and he likes to use them. BTW, JJ is not an upcoming player, he already came and is here. I will not be surprised by the end of this year he'll be in top 10
5-set victory over some unknown player is not convincing to me and cannot change my opinion about him.

let's see how he fairs in the next round and to what capacity he will use his extraordinary f/h and b/h. remember to come back and see what I had to say about him after the match. having extraordinary f/h and b/h is of no use if you cannot hit them consistently in ATP matches against decent players forget about unknown players.
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