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Originally Posted by jakeytennis View Post
you really think telling a beginner 100 different instructions is a good teaching method. that is way to complicated to learn quickly

by natural way, i mean teaching the most basic fundamentals of tennis, which is watching the ball, tracking the ball, and running to the ball naturally.

if you want to see how simple tennis can be taught, watch these videos

i've seen so many players with good mechanics/technique that look like fools on a tennis court because they dont watch the ball well or track the ball well
No one does the things you suggest. Have you ever watched a coach teach a beginner? He doesn't give 100 instructions, nor does he say run to the ball naturally. He gives a couple of guided instructions and make them hit the ball.

And you have seen many players with good technique and mechanics who don't watch the ball? Then how do you know they have good mechanics? And more fundamentally, how did they acquire the good mechanics without watching and tracking the ball? By just hitting into empty space?
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