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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post

in ND's defense:
Big Server .... it looks and sounds like you could use an out-of-the-freezer Bailey's Irish Cream (topped with a Jamison 'floater'). Great cure for football angst

Seriously, seeth all you want but you have to admit that...well, there it was: staring the Ducks right in the face: Ducks vs. Bama for all the marbles. I recall USC laying 50+ points on them?....hmmm, wonder what the 'Bama Big Boy Co. of Warmack, Jones et al upfront might've done? .... remember: ND wasn't even ranked in September and they did win a lot of 'big games' to get to where they ended up--it's not their fault they didn't lose prior to January. Just sayin' - regards.
I'm not saying we deserved to be there over ND, not this season. Doesn't take anything away from how embarrassing it is to see ND get blown out in these games every time they get there.

As for the USC game...Yeah, they scored 51 points. A few things...Our defense was so banged up at that point, we had four freshman playing the majority of the game on the D line. USC played the best game of their season, hands down. They played like a team with the talent (offensively) to be worthy of the #1 ranking. USC also deflated the balls to help their passing offense. No idea how that actually affected anything, but they cheated and still lost by 11.

BTW, Oregon allowed 20 points per game on defense in the 2012 season (including the Fiesta Bowl). All the rep for Oregon being "terrible" defensively is ridiculous, especially when you consider the fact that for the first half of the season, the 2nd and 3rd string defenders played the entire second half. There was a stat looking at defense when the score was within 28 points, and Oregon ranked 3rd behind Alabama and ND in yards per play. It's a misnomer.

The Oregon defense did something that no SEC team could do in 2010: Marginalize Cam Newton for 4 quarters. An Auburn team that averaged nearly 43 points against vaunted SEC defenses scored just 22 against Oregon.

After all that...Do I think Oregon beats Alabama the title game this year? No. But do I think the outcome is in question for longer than 5 minutes? Yes. I do think that Oregon would have put up a better fight.
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