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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Catching up on the Aussie Open from last night and was watching the super Brits Heather Watson's and Laura Robson's matches...

Tall, lefty, big serve, big forehand. Improving physical strength and athleticism, but not up there with the best yet, footwork can get a little lazy (by her own admission). Ball striking as good as anybody on tour when in position, but prone to UE's when not. Likes to pound the winners.

Shorter, righty, great athlete and very, very strong. Great hands and very good defender from the back of the court. Can move up the court and finish from the mid-court/net well, but indecisive (prefers defending the baseline).

Both 19 (well Laura turns 19 next week), both ranked about 50 in the world, both have career earnings of around $500,000.00.

So, question - who would you rather be? (essentially this is a question of game styles!)

I'll play.

So knowing nothing about either woman other than what you wrote, I'd pick Laura Robson.

Robson's tall and a lefty. You can't teach either of those things (let's just forget Nadal and the lefty thing). Her height will allow her to have a big serve, and lefty factor will just add to its effectiveness if she learns to use it to its best advantage. You say she's got the hands and eyes to hit big if she keeps her feet moving - well footwork is something you can teach, work on, and fix. At the very top you have to be able to hit winners on some kind of regular basis and she's apparently doing that. It can't all be just about great defense, though that's super important in today's game.

Heather sounds like she could be a really good player. I don't know how tall she is, but at some point it's really hard to have a world class serve if you don't have the height. Weak serves get pounded on the WTA, and there are too many weak serves. Fast and strong are always good (speed never has a slump), but to get to the top you have to be able to produce winners, not just defend and grind.

Maybe I'll watch them hit and totally change my mind.
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