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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
The shears I have are a little cheaper in quality, but they cut through the leather and the overgrip very well. Well, it's good to know that I can cut heavy materials cleanly now. Thank you all for your input.
I was at Home Depot the other night, and they had Husky brand Titanium Coated Scissors for $7. One was slightly bent, for cutting string beds, and the other straight for trimming grips.

Originally Posted by maxpower View Post
I recently replaced the leather grip on my babolat pure storm Ltd. While i didn't have too much trouble, being left handed forced me to cut an angle to begin the job and thus didn't have a clean start. Are there any tips any one may know of for left handed grips?
If you use an overwrap, just wrap that left handed. I don't think you can feel the grip with an over wrap, the important thing is to keep the bevels. If you don't use an overwrap, then you would have to put an opposite angle cut at the start and wrap left handed.
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