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Originally Posted by Tieronesports View Post
Thanks for making the effort of reporting about our T1 Firewire co-poly. We would be interested if you could draw a comparison to any other co-poly string currently on the market. We hear a lot that our Tour Status co-poly plays similar to RPM and Blackcode but it appears that people are having a difficult time comparing Firewire to another string.
No problem. A big thanks to T1 for the samples as well. Honestly, I mentioned it, but it just felt like a much better Cyclone Tour. Like this is how CT was supposed to feel haha. But T1FW out performed the Volkl in pretty much every category. It's hard to make a comparison, there's not many strings quite like it.

Hopefully I'll be going back to FW in my next set, but I'll be trying 18G. Can't wait!
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